This wiki is no longer maintained by its original maintainer. Therefore, you may notice some of the following problems :

  • Sections not finished
  • Sections not appearing correctly
  • Sections containing blashemies or strong language
  • Any other forms of non-maintenance

Thank you for understanding -- Lolgab1 (talk)

Welcome to the Blocksworld Wiki!

Welcome to all the Blocksworld's gamers! This is the unofficial fan Wikia page of the game. The wiki is still quite new; we are looking for more contributors and admins! (tell HALnerd or Lolgab on their message wall if you wish to be an admin). BEFORE WRITING ANYTHING, please read the RULES!

Main Categories

REALLY IMPORTANT! Read this before creating or editing any pages!

  • Browse: All important wiki pages. ONLY ADMINS will put this category.
  • Unfinished: Place your unfinished pages here! Don't place worlds pages here, and it is not mandatory, so don't put it here if you don't want to.
  • Profile: Make a Category Page (by putting Category: before the page name) with your Blocksworld's profile's name! Put info about what you like to build, and place in Profile Category
  • Worlds: All your worlds go here, so people can quickly view them. Place world page here and in Profile.
  • Ideas: All of your ideas go here, so people can see them too! Place Idea: in front of the name and place in your Profile
  • Programming: all ideas that are about specific ways to program go here AND in an idea.
  • Learning: For programming articles teaching people useful programmings, ie special "switches". Other lessons can be found and placed in this category too.
  • Concepts: Concepts are important, general ideas like enemies, obstacles, and avatars. They have Concept: in the front of their name. DO NOT PUT IDEAS IN THIS CATEGORY
  • Test: Place all your test pages here! So we will know that it's normal if your page isn't showing correctly.
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