Bugs Edit

  • If you multitask back in, but the game reboots, you temporarily lose your data due to lack of visual connectivity to Game Center.
  • If you open up the app and play a world, then go to another world, the screen will freeze to the last world you were playing. There is a similar glitch but with a gray screen. How to fix that is to restart the game.
  • When you try to take a profile picture the screen turns grey.

Glitches Edit

Building Blocks Vol. 1

The top of the roof is on the floor.

  • If a Blockster or Skeleton Blockster explodes and then, disappears, it will have larger torso, hands, and feet after restarting level.
  • Faces set to appear on blank heads of Skeleton Blocksters may appear on top of head.
  • Pickups cannot revert to normal form and will disappear if programed to.
  • Hidden Powers must be programed to reappear and return or will not return.
  • Pickups set to always be returning will not disappear when pick up.
  • In the picure for Building Blocks Vol. 1, the top of the roof is on the floor of the house.
  • If you place a Blockster then explode it, then go back to edit mode, it's feat will disappear and will not come back.
  • In certain scenario, when there are Blockster(s), if you stop the world, the feat will be placed to the left.

When you play multiple worlds when you are in the app, the second world's screen glitches out and you get the same picture of what the world looks like when you left the last world(to fix leave the app, close the app, then go back on) do this ever time this happens. Deleting and downloading the app back on won't fix the screen.

Line of sight for all Blockster]] (s) X are 360 degrees.

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