Avatars Edit

An Avatar is the main protagonist of a world on Blocksworld that is always scripted to use a mover or is pre-scripted to use a Mover [in the case of balls.] Sometimes, an Avatar Blockster [a Blockster that is edited with the entire simularity of a person's Profile Picture] is used as the Avatar.

Types of Avatars Edit

  • Humanoid Avatar; This world uses an Avatar that is a Blockster.
  • Profile Picture Humanoid Avator [PPHA]; This world uses an Avatar Blockster.
  • Circular Humanoid Avatar; This world uses a Ball avatar.
  • Shiny Circular Humanoid Avatar [SCHA]; This world uses a Sided Ball avatar.
  • Multivatar; This world uses enough scripting to use a challenge involving multiple Avatars at once.
  • AI vs Avatar; This world uses scripted artificial intelligence as the main antagonist of a world.
  • Vehicular Avatar; This world uses the Vehicle Block [the block that allows for pre-scripting vehicles] as the Avatar.
  • AI vs Vehicular Avatar; This world uses a Vehicle Block against an artificial intelligence.
  • Game Blocks; This world is a Game Blocks game.

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