Coins Edit

Coins are the main in-game currency of Blocksworld. They resemble a large gold coin, hence the name. They can be used to purchase many different sets in the shop such as the Nature Power and the Game Blocks set. There are also many ways to obtain coins. See below to find different methods. If you unlock them, a "Ka-Ching" sound is heard.

Buying CoinsEdit

In the shop, you can buy coins. This is the easiest and fastest way to stock up on coins. You have to do it via your Apple account. The price and number of coins vary:

$0.99 for 100 coins $1.99 for 300 coins $3.99 for 700 coins $5.99 for 1,100 coins $9.99 for 2,000 coins $24.99 for 6,000 coins


You receive a certain amount of coins with a certain number of high ratings:

5 coins for 10 high ratings,

10 coins for 25 high ratings,

20 coins for 50 high ratings.

25 coinsfor 100 high ratings,

50 coins for 500 high ratings,

75 coins for 2,000 high ratings,

150 coins for 5,000 high ratings,

and 300 coins for 10,000 high ratings.

Also, if your world is liked by the Blocksworld's staff, it directly goes to the "Featured" section. It means that your world is foreground and you automaticaly receive 200 coins. Another foreground section is the "Arcade" section, in which all the most highest rated worlds are. All the other worlds are visible in the "Recent" section.

Builder's ChallengeEdit

A good way for becoming featured is by the Builder's challenge. These contests always have a particular theme: It can be a plane, a city, a battle, everything! But, it's always the Blocksworld's staff that decide it. Once you publish your world, the staff look at it and determine which ones are the better, and once the challenge ends (often 4 days), the chosen worlds will be sent to the featured section and the winners will receive 200 coins in reward. These contests are often each week, but sometimes there's no challenge because the staff are too busy to work on it.

These don’t happen anymore.

Gems Edit

As of September 9th, 2016 an update to Blocksworld added gems as a secondary currency. They resemble a bright blue diamond of some sort. As of now, they can not be bought using real-world money or any other way. They can only be obtained via daily spin wheel or daily login prize and can be used for unlocking the lucky spin wheel for one time.