Although new action blocks are constantly being created, the general, original action blocks never lose their use. Even in later sets they are simply updated in appearance and shape. Here is a list.

***Some blocks' names MAY NOT be official names.

Hyper jump device

Allows you to travel to other worlds.


The rocket has one primary function: moving forwards. Although it does not have as many functions as the hover, it is more conveniently shaped and powerful. The primal design is round and can not attach on the sides, although later designs are more octagonal and attach on all sides.


The hover block is made to stay in place, changing height when wanted. It can hover, move up and down, and even stabilize itself slightly. Although it has more functions than the rocket block, it is less conveniently shaped. The original design was round and attached to a protrusion on one side of the figure. Many later designs had different functions, however, including one half-block shaped piece that attached on the back and functioned as a double-sided booster.


The laser piece is the arguably the most important piece in the game. It, obviously, shoots lasers. Lasers can be shot as small pulses that continue forever or long beams that stretch infinitely, instantly. Blocks can be set to react to lasts, or exploding. Lasers can be set with different tags by giving that tag to the corresponding laser piece. Blocks can be programmed to react differently to different tagged lasers, allowing some lasers to kill while others just freeze, while even others function like tripwires. The original design is cone-shaped, attaching to the back and a protrusion on one side. Late designs are quite different ranging from octogonal cones that attach everywhere but the front to muskets held by Blocksters and the sides of blocks.


Motors are vital for moving structures. They turn two attached objects, allowing pivoting "joints". They come in one style: an orange octogonal prism attaching to one block on all sides but one, where a tiny protrusion attaches to the block being rotated. No later versions were made, although new blocks like hinge pieces and rotation blocks.


Newer than pivoting pieces, hinge pieces replaced certain functions pivoting blocks lacked skill in that tended to be very annoying. They form regular hinge " joints " that open and close doors, bridges, and other obstacles. They come in one form, having two attached pieces in which one stays in the same place while the second swings around it, like a hinge.


A piece added just for convenience, the wheel piece turns itself to propel objects forwards or create interesting obstacles. The wheel piece simply replaces the pivoting piece in vehicles, having different factors that make it useful. For example, the wheel doesn't get attached on the side due to it's circular shape. It can fit into rounded slopes like cylinders, and turns within them. It has a cylindrical shape with small protrusions on both sides where it attaches.

Blockster/Leg PieceEdit

Although not technically action blocks, Blocksters are usually considered one. They have two legs, can jump and contains special functions with Tags such as "Chase" or "Avoid". There are also 2 kind of leg pieces: 2 feet and 4 feet. The first one isn't very stable and is really "wobbly". The 4 legged block is way more convenient, but its look is very square-like, which sometimes can be less beautiful (e.g. For making creatures).

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