Below is a list of banned/unbanned users that have made history in BLOCKSWORLD.

Banned Users Edit

Minefan2004 - Banned for use of vore, which is the tactic of eating people alive.

JB5 - Banned for using a alt account to buy his models. [Unbanned]

Joey Slikk - Making naked people.

2fst4u 5 - Ten rules broken, mention spamming discord server, and many other reasons.

Players that left/got other people banned Edit

Sorata2k - One of the highest ranked people in the war community. Created the now-disbanded Syndicate.

MelonBro - Helped ban Minefan2004.

KawaiiCookie - After April-May, KawaiiCookie began to shift a change in creation of worlds. Currently there is a war about KC.

Hyperdellic - Suffered a sickness that caused him to pause Blocksworld. Made the Beach Bash, the thing everyone is crazy about.