Below is a list of users that have made history in BLOCKSWORLD.


JB5 - Banned for using a alt account to buy his models. [Unbanned]

Joey Slikk - Making naked people, bullying.

2fst4u 5 - Ten rules broken, mention spamming discord server, and many other reasons. 2fst4u 5 also made several "like If" worlds, which people HATE. He also made an another account on a different device which is less known. However, he later stopped and started to be nice again, He is one of the most popular and famous players in BW.

Sorata2k - One of the highest ranked people in the war community. Created the now-disbanded Syndicate.

Nerd Alert (AKA NerdAlert)- Banned for making inappropriate worlds, bullying, bossing other players around, and online dating.

Original Nopenop- While Nopenop, a famous Blocksworld builder, was taking a break from blocksworld, he pretended to be him.

Test (Unnamed Blockster) - Broke many rules by being evil and mean, He is also best known for nutshelling innocent players and using profanity (mostly the F word). He is overall one of the worst players in Blocksworld. Later returned in a new account originally JohnnyTestBW (with the avatar of Johnny Test from Cartoon Network), Now MelmitchiSucks (Reused his iconic black BB look)

TD Tinydragon - Formerly under the name of her alias “TinyDragon 123 22,” This user was a heavily influential one. When she reigned, she inspired many people to build stuff like dragons. Now, she is gone from the community, no signs of activity to be noted of.