Minefan2004 is a banned user that went down as the most disgusting person ever on Blocksworld.

Info Edit

Minefan2004 was a hobbyist who's profile was a picture of a blue, anthro-like dog wearing headphones. His fingers and feet were blue versions of a T-Rex Foot, which was the main cause of the relatively high price of his model.

He also sold "Pool versions" of characters, including "PoolPuppet", and others. However, that's not what we're gonna talk about.

Minefan2004 was the main user of "vore", a tactic of eating people alive or sometimes killing them before eating them. Because of this, he recieved negative hate and a whole army, including MelonBro [the main commander], Reshislam [the second-like chief], Architectureceus [the commander of the StickLegion, and a liked ally and followed by Melonbro], Floxy the Flox [that was part of Minefan2004's team], and more. Minefan2004's defense team was a speck compared to the size of Melonbro's anti army. [25 people were on Melonbro's side, possibly, compared to a reported 1 on Minefan2004's side.]

Because of this, Melonbro initiated a month-long war against Minefan, called the "Attack on Vore." 25 people voted to at least join Melonbro's side, while many others decided to defend Minefan2004, some just telling everyone to calm down.

The acts of calming down did not stop until July 18, 2017, when Minefan2004's account was shut down and banned by Linden Labs themselves.

Personality Edit

Minefan2004 consists of many feelings, including; when angered, a dark red version of Minefan with black eyes, a genderbent [reverse gender] version of him, and more. Floxy the Flox was an ally of Minefan. After Minefan was banned, Floxy the Flox began to agree with Minefan.

Song-like version Edit

Here is a version of the long war, in the style of The Ultimate Showdown.


MineFan2004 was making worlds

But then suddenly, MelonBro found him

And then MelonBro told him to "please stop"

But Minefan2004 did not stop

And then Reshislam joined the war

With that happening, Architectureceus joined the many who went far

But then Minefan2004 threatened to ban

By saying Linden Labs needs to get Melonbro to run


This is the Great War

of ultimate destiny

Good guys, bad guys

And other wars [that the eye saw]

And one team will survive, i wonder who it will be?

This is the Great War

of ultimate destiny


With Architectureceus making ally worlds

And formed the Sticklegion; another lord

But then suddenly, MelonBro liked it

That means that MelonBro has been allied

And then MineFan2004 got pissed

And called Floxy the Flox into the frisk

Everyone was making anti-worlds out of the Flox

Some people threatened to drink Clorox

Everyone was happy, until he struck back

Many people joined on the fact of Minefan2004

Reshislam tried to fix it, but he failed

Because his happy train got de-railed


Angels sang out, from a heavenly chorus

Down from the heavens, descended Linden Labs

Who delivered a ban against JB5

And then everyone ran, from his eye

JB5 fell on the ground, crying in pain

As AmazingHackerDude tried to act normal

But Linden Labs saw his decisions

And hit the ban hammer against the dude

Then Architectureceus, Classy Bones, Reshislam, Toppat Clan, oh no!

CarnageDestroyah, DiamonDellXYZ, Kyofu and Freshwing

Bhyberger, John Doe, Mushmox every row

KIDFINITY, Unnamed Blockster, Sean true filipino, every single follower

Snowwolfgamer33, Diamond Blaster and Master Malice

Awesomesauce 65, Sky Lex, and SkySenner

All came out of nowhere, lightning fast

And told Linden to ban Minefan's back

It was the craziest event the community ever saw

With millions looking out of total law

The fight raged on for a month

Many people were happy, and even cheered

The team that won the war..

was Melonbro's amazing par.

This is the Great War

of ultimate destiny

Good teams, bad teams, and

anti-worlds, as the eye can see

And only one will survive, i wonder

who it will be?

This is the Great War

of ultimate destiny

[this is the great war, of ultimate destiny x2]

This is the great war...

Of ultimate destiny!

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