Minefan2004 is a banned user that went down as the most disgusting person ever on Blocksworld.

Info Edit

Minefan2004 was a hobbyist who's profile was a picture of a blue, anthro-like dog wearing headphones. His fingers and feet were blue versions of a T-Rex Foot, which was the main cause of the relatively high price of his model.

He also sold "Pool versions" of characters, including "PoolPuppet", and others. However, that's not what we're gonna talk about.

Minefan2004 was the main user of "vore", a tactic of eating people alive or sometimes killing them before eating them. Because of this, he recieved negative hate and a whole army, including MelonBro [the main commander], Reshislam [the second-like chief], Architectureceus [the commander of the StickLegion, and a liked ally and followed by Melonbro], Floxy the Flox [that was part of Minefan2004's team], and more. Minefan2004's defense team was a speck compared to the size of Melonbro's anti army. [25 people were on Melonbro's side, possibly, compared to a reported 1 on Minefan2004's side.]

Because of this, Melonbro initiated a month-long war against Minefan, called the "Attack on Vore." 25 people voted to at least join Melonbro's side, while many others decided to defend Minefan2004, some just telling everyone to calm down.

The acts of calming down did not stop until July 18, 2017, when Minefan2004's account was shut down and banned by Linden Labs themselves.

Personality Edit

Minefan2004 consists of many feelings, including; when angered, a dark red version of Minefan with black eyes, a genderbent [reverse gender] version of him, and more. Floxy the Flox was an ally of Minefan. After Minefan was banned, Floxy the Flox began to agree with Minefan.