Lolgab123 - Super Fighter Jet 5.2 Updated !LIKE!

Play Super Fighter Jet 5.2 Updated !LIKE!

In this world, you will take control of the most amazing jet in the world! Fly with easy controls and stunt tricks to avoid the trackers missiles! But wait, there is a special surprise under it that will destroy all the rockets at once! Will you discover it?

This world is a newer version of my Super FIGHTER JET!LIKE!4.0 world. It includes a whole new desing, simplified controls and fonctions, more efficient tracking missiles, lag reduction AND A SPECIAL SURPRISE!

  • This world is playable on older devices!!! It has been test several time and was reduced a lot on programmation. BUT it way cause some bugs when the rockets are chasing you.See all the tricks for making faster running worlds HERE .
  • See an EXPLANATION videoHERE! 

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