Test got a lot of hate by hating on popular users for dumb reasons, He first attracted critcism when he published a world titled Top 10 Worst Players Of All Time (which was simply popular players) at June 2018, this caused Melmitchi and his friends to come after him. then he was pure evil, became mean. Swearing on Blocksworld, also reselling some models, and nutshelling people. Making fun of some users was also possible. He also acted racist by calling Wburn100 (Who is Vietnamese) out for being asian and said that he had crossed eyes in real life, he even used the N word. He is now banned. But later returned in an alternate account originally JohnnyTestBW (Who goes under the cartoon character, Johnny Test), now MelmitchiSucks (Due to his hatred of Melmitchi) aka Test V2, but later banned as well. He’s also a rival of Melmitchi.

His victims that he nutshelled are from Melmitchi, Alynnarhia (Now XxRhiagamingxX), Needlemouse09, The Ruby Claw (currently BlackHatRblxBW due to his frequent name changes), Wburn100, GalladeBW, NeonGirlGamer, bobbledoll9, Mr Smashface, Spolarium27, Game Shaker Calebe, Sh1t_Nopo2 (now 60SWIPER55 (New Account)) to Woolabee Gamer on his old account. Later he nutshelled TearGaming, ChrisTheRoverFan13 (Now ChrisComedyGames), Zaius Linden (as his revenge), Corruptus, Burgerpal, and Conor the stickman, After teaming up with 2 Unnamed Blocksters also known as Roger Rabbit and Blu and Blak, this led the gang to be dubbed “The Toxic Trio”, being known for the group of controversial Unnamed Blocksters, later, Null UB teamed up with the trio, now being known as “The Toxic Quad”. Later on October 31, 2018, Test’s second account, along with 2 other Unnamed Blocksters (Roger Rabbit and Blu and Blak) were banned, leaving only Null (Unnamed Blockster) remain unbanned.

He is considered the worst and most controversial player of 2018.

It is also revealed that Test also plays Pixel Gun 3D who goes under the name RealTest.

He is also best known to show dislike towards Aero’s Blocksworld Movie, calling it cringy and considering it to be worse than The Emoji Movie. He also shown dislike towards Aero, calling him “transgender” and told him to stop ”acting like a girl“.

S6Dew later falsely “exposed” him as Melmitchi, but Test later denied it by changing his second account’s name to “S6Dew Is A Liar” (Possibly due to him unable to communicate as he’s banned) and responding it at his clan on Pixel Gun 3D. Melmitchi later denied this as well.

TearGaming later falsely got banned so Test changed his name to “Yes TearGaming Got Banned” since TearGaming is Test’s third arch-enemy next to WBurn100 and Melmitchi.