• Lolgab1

    Wiki Cleaning

    June 6, 2015 by Lolgab1

    Hi guys! Lolgab1 here! As many of you probably knew, the Wiki activity has decreased a lot since some months. I've personally stop working on it. I was putting way too much time on it, so I just stopped. School was also taking a lot of place on my time, along with personnal programming studies.

    Brief, I took 5 minutes to make a small tour of the wiki to see what had change, and noticed a major point: There are A LOT of blank pages or totally not usefull pages. Unfortunatly, I clearly doesn't have the time to clean it.

    So PLEASE, I just want to ask you 1 thing: make sure to create articles/pages that meant something to others.


    Lolgab1 (talk)

    P.S.: I may do some important design changes this summer, I'm not sure for now.

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  • Lolgab1

    2 New Templates!

    December 24, 2014 by Lolgab1

    Hello Wiki's Contributors! I'm very glad to introduce my 2 new Templates that improve a lot the organization of the wiki's articles.

    This new Templates is used for separating large paragraphs. Now, instead of putting == == for creating a separation line, you can simply add buttom after it. 3:you can modify the margins, width and "clear" attributes! Go to Template:Division to see how it works.

    This template is used for adding a lot of images on a single line (one next to the other) with all the same height. If the image line is too large for the page, it becomes scrollable! Very usefull for Pack's page headers, like I add for the Nature Power pack! See Template:Image Line to know how to use it.

    I will of course continue developping Templates t…

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  • Lolgab1

    Hey guys! My name is Gabriel St-Pierre (aka Lolgab1) and I'm the main editor of this Wiki. Some time ago, I was playing Blocksworld a lot and I was wondering if there was a Wiki, and I found this one with absolutly NO content. So I decide to build it up, and with the help of other contributors look at how it is right now! I'm very glad of every people work and I hope we will continue growing it up!

    But to grow up faster and better, we now must include new tricks to easily insert specific content without playing with HTML mixed with WikiScript. By this, "ordinary" people will be able to help us without breaking their minds each time.

    I am a lot interested about learning programming, so here's what I did: CSS and Templates. I'm very glad to of…

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  • Lolgab1

    Hi Everyone (especially the Admin or the Bureaucrat)! My name is Gabriel St-Pierre and I'm a great user of Blocksworld. I'm actually planning (and I already start) to create (even if it was already created, there was NO STUFF!!!) and complete this Wiki. But for that, I really need you to upgrade my rights to become at least Administrator of this Blocksworld's Wiki. I check the last editing and seriously there was nothing interesting about the game, and it was in 2012... So please help me improve this Wiki and hope you will understand that I really care about this.

    Thanks for at least reading this and hope you will upgrade me :)

    Gabriel St-Pierre aka Lolgab1

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