Hello Wiki's Contributors! I'm very glad to introduce my 2 new Templates that improve a lot the organization of the wiki's articles.


This new Templates is used for separating large paragraphs. Now, instead of putting == == for creating a separation line, you can simply add {{Division}} to your page on source mode! What's the difference? 1: it don't appears on the Navigation tab; 2: it don't create a random [edit] buttom after it. 3:you can modify the margins, width and "clear" attributes! Go to Template:Division to see how it works.

Image Line

This template is used for adding a lot of images on a single line (one next to the other) with all the same height. If the image line is too large for the page, it becomes scrollable! Very usefull for Pack's page headers, like I add for the Nature Power pack! See Template:Image Line to know how to use it.

I will of course continue developping Templates to simplify the use of complex layouts. My next goal is to create a Block Infobox and an Icon Infobox. Stay tuned to see any other changes to the Wiki!

Thanks to all the contributors!

Your main editor, Lolgab1 (talk)

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